Pratt Crisis Management

Their problem can be yours before too long! It's never too early!

Pratt Crisis management is based in Hong Kong, Asia. Our offices are positioned across the continent and offer individual and corporate clients across all industry sectors immediate response to complex and unpredictable events. Every individual or organization can face issues that negatively affect their futures. When such events occur, we provide urgent assistance in consulting, implementation, training and emergency response services to help our clients build a credible crisis and emergency strategy. We provide certified tools to minimize the adverse impact of potential dangers to protect people, critical business interests, and assets. Our company develops and enhances organizational and business resilience with field verified crisis management plan development, training, testing and simulations. We continually provide best practice planning and training for executive and site crisis management and recovery to ensure ongoing business repercussion. We have been successfully delivering strategy and training for more than 20 years, across Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.


We don't live in a perfect world.
Advanced preparation is wise.